Tease Boise Hair Salon – Are You Ready for Summer?

Tease Hair and Lash Studio is a great Boise Hair Salon to visit to get prepped for summer.  Sun-kissed highlights, golden spray tans, and luscious eyelash extensions are among the summer favorite services at Tease.  Clients love the one-stop shop for services which makes this Boise Hair Salon the go-to place for many.

Our cosmetologists are multi-skilled which also makes Tease Boise Hair Salon attractive to many.  You can go to the same person for your all needs.  Dedicated and loyal clients receive discounts and free services such as eyebrow waxing with membership eyelash extension fills.  

Not only are Tease cosmetologists multi-skilled, but they achieve great results on all of the services.  Our Boise Hair Salon continuing education is designed to refine and expand on all hands-on skills as well as technical knowledge of those skills.  Tease Boise Hair Salon clients crave education about the services that they seek.  Our cosmetologists can answer the most detailed of questions regarding the services that we offer.  In addition, most services at Tease Boise Hair Salon are accompanied by a detailed consent form.  Our consent form explains the nuts and bolts of each service so that clients know exactly what they are purchasing, what to expect, as well as any needed after care instructions.  Our multiple levels of communication with clients, combined with our high-qualify results are what lead to many satisfied customers at Tease Boise Hair Salon.

In addition, our Boise Hair Salon has a touch-up policy on all services.  Clients that choose to do business with us know that they can come in for complementary refresh on eyelash extensions in between services. This is an unparalleled offering with other salons in the valley.  We also strive for perfection with our spray tans and hair services and can make adjustments to those services, if needed, to make clients happy.  Tease Boise Hair Salon has employees rather than individual salon owners that rent chairs.  This allows our Boise Hair Salon to operate under guiding customer service principals that apply to everyone that walks through our doors.  

Summer is a busy time for us at Tease Boise Hair Salon.  Everyone wants eyelash extensions for the ease of maintaining glamour while involved in summer activities, UV-free spray tans for that gorgeous glow, and fresh, head-turning, hair color. Tease Boise Hair Salon recommends booking appointments a week in advance of the time the service is needed!