Boise Hair Salon – Microblading is Serious Business!

So many people are obsessed with today’s trend of full, luscious, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Let’s face it- drawing on those brows every day is a time consuming and tedious process!  However, even though it takes so much time, many people feel like they just can not leave the house without their “putting on their brows”.  This is why microblading has gained so much popularity over the last few years.  You roll out of bed with amazing brows and your beauty routine is a lot more simple!  So easy, right?  Yes. That is ,if you had a well-trained, experienced microblading artist complete your service in the first place.

When it comes to permanent makeup and microblading, getting it right the first time is serious business.  After all, you don’t want to walk around with someone else’s mistake on your face. Correcting a bad microblading job can be a major ordeal, so please do not take it lightly when choosing a microblading artist.  In Idaho, tattooing and microblading is a totally unregulated service – meaning absolutely anyone can take a two-day course (or watch online videos) and open up a cosmetic tattooing business.  Not only do consumers need to consider the technique and placement skills of the microblading artist, but also the artist’s understanding of pigments/skin undertones and health contraindications, their sterilization and universal precaution procedures, their ability to advise you of appropriate and complementary ratios for your eyebrows given your other facial features, and their skin assessment skills to account for conditions that can negatively affect the healing process. Given all those details, it’s easy to understand that a good microblading artist is not born out of a two-day course.  

In addition to the training, experience, and skill of the artist, you need to know what is being etched into your skin.  What pigments are being used?  Where were the pigments made?  Are the pigments safe?  The safety of permanent makeup should always be a question of consumers.  Many consumers are surprised to find out that the FDA does not approve pigments used in tattooing and microblading. Rather, the FDA has placed the safety concern into the hands of local jurisdictions.  Given that Idaho has no local laws, Idahoans must do their own research to decide what is best for them.  The research can lead to differing opinions on what is the safest base for pigments used in microblading and cosmetic tattooing. Overall, the general consensus is that inorganic pigments like iron and zinc oxide are the safest in terms of potential allergic reactions. Most doctors and artists believe that vegetable based, organic, or natural pigments carry the most risk of horrible, food-based allergic reactions. 

In addition to doing research on your artist, another way to build confidence in your service is to go to a medical facility or a salon. The benefits of receiving your microblading service by a licensed professional such as a cosmetologist or esthetician is that they are required by law to work inside a licensed establishment.  This means that the licensee and establishment are both subject to random inspections by Bureau of Occupational licenses whose mission is to hold hair salons and esthetic practices to a very high level of sanitation.  In Idaho, this is your best protection against an unsanitary environment for your microblading service. 

Once you have done your serious business research into microblading and find the right microblading artist, you are well on your way to those perfect, wake-up-and-go brows.  Of course, micro bladed brows are not an overnight, instant gratification process.  There is generally a two month process involved before you have your final, healed result.  Even with all the work, time, and money involved, microblading is only increasing in popularity.  There appears to be no end in sight for America’s obsession with perfect brows!