Microblading for the Eyebrows at Boise Hair Salon

Microblading is all the rage and not only creates beautiful framing for the eyes and face, but significantly changes the relationship people have with their eyebrows. What is microblading? Microblading is the placement of strokes of semi-permanent pigment resembling eyebrow hairs into the brow area of the face.  The goal of microblading at a Boise Hair Salon is to create natural, full, filled-in brows.  From start to finish, the process takes about two months to get to the final, healed results. Committing to the microblading procedure and investment makes sense given all the benefits.  You wake up with your perfect eyebrow shape, do not have to spend time every day filling in your eyebrows, and the brows last 1-3 years! Once healed, you can swim, work out, and perform all normal activities with your new eyebrows! Tease Hair and Lash Studio’s microblading process is broken up into three steps – the consultation, the initial pigment placement, and the touch up appointment.  Given that you will be wearing this pigment on your face, we want you to have the brows of your dreams!  Our Boise Hair Salon will give you the time and attention you need to feel confident in your choices. 

The first step is your initial consultation appointment with Tease Hair and Lash Studio’s experienced microblading artist.  In a private room at our Boise Hair Salon, a detailed health history will be taken to make sure that you are a safe candidate for the procedure. In addition, during this appointment, your eyebrow shape, color, and curve will be drawn onto your face using multiple factors. The first factor is the six standard eyebrow measurements that line up with certain facial features which provide the guideline for the eyebrows. The other factors are your desired brow thickness and curve and/or arch.  Clients should feel free to bring in pictures of brows to our Boise Hair Salon that have characteristics that they like. For example, manicured, messy looking, sparse, natural, or very dense brows are styles of different looks that can be created. There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to permanent makeup and microblading! After the consultation, you can choose to move to step number two of the microblading process when you feel ready.  Our Boise Hair Salon will answer all of your questions regarding the procedure, aftercare, healing, pigments, etc. until you have all the information you need to be fully informed. 

Step number two is a multiple hour procedure.  With a background as a surgical assistant, Tease Hair and Lash Studio’s microblading artist will set up sterile field to complete your microblading service while you relax and wait for topical anesthetic to numb the area.  The Bio Touch pigments will be mixed according to your desired color with consideration for your skin’s under tones and future fading. Once you are numbed and prepped, the pigment will then be etched into your skin’s epidermal surface with a fine blade. The blade is dipped in ink before each stroke and carefully scraped across the skin in short, precise movements. Meticulously by hand, your microblading artist creates strokes that mimic the pattern of your natural eyebrow hairs. Your Tease Hair and Lash Studio microblading artist will create brows that are complimentary to your facial features, while also taking into consideration everything you wanted for your brows.

4-6 weeks after the original appointment, you will be ready for the third part of Tease Hair and Lash Studio’s microblading process. Now that the initial placement of pigment has fully settled into the skin, and the shocking dark color has faded into a softer, natural shade, it’s time for a touch-up! The touch-up session is used to make any alterations or color adjustments such as re-shading or deeper shading, and brow refining and redefinition, if necessary. The touch up step is a critical part of the process and the success of the microblading procedure should not be judged until 4-6 weeks after the touch-up appointment when the brows are fully healed.

The final look of your micro bladed eyebrows is determined by several factors. The first factor is your strict adherence to following the aftercare instructions. (This is also extremely important in preventing infection.) In addition, each individual’s unique skin will determine the look of their new eyebrows. The dryer the skin, the more crisp and defined the microbladed strokes will heal. Oily skin can typically heal into a more powdery appearance. The longevity of the micro bladed brows is determined by the rate of skin cell turn over for each individual, proper protection from the sun, and avoiding certain ingredients in the pigmented area. Regular microblading maintenance every 12-18 months in our Boise Hair Salon is recommended to keep your brows fresh and accommodate for any changes in facial features, skin texture, and brow color.  

The popularity of microblading has soared in recent years due to the natural look of this technique. The realistic appearance of micro bladed brows far exceeds that of traditional, eyebrow tattoos which look stamped onto the face. In addition, the semi-permanence of the brows is appealing because the brows can be changed as trends and facial features change.  If waking up with maintenance free brows sounds like a dream come true, call our Boise Hair Salon for a consultation! We are dedicated to guiding you through the process and helping you make good choices for permanent micro bladed makeup!