Hair Treatments

Haircut and Style: $40 and up  

Shampoo Set: $25 and up

Perm: $65 and up

Root Re touch: $45 and up

All over single process color $50 and up

Full Highlight: $80 and up

Partial Highlight: $60 and up

*Brazilian Blow-out: $150 and up

*Up-do: $35 and up

*Hair Extensions: $250 up

**New clients may reserve an appointment with a payment card.  A payment card is required to hold your appointment.

Wait 48 hours before washing hair after extension service.

Always keep conditioner away from attachments.

Always blow dry attachments thoroughly.

Use styling tools at 400 degrees or less.

Use BoarLoop Brush to brush hair twice daily (minimum).

Never pull, tug or rub vigorously on hair extensions.

When brushing or combing, always support extension attachment at the root.

Use silicone/shine styling products sparingly and always keep away from attachments.

Sunscreens and argan oil products may alter the color of extensions.
Make sure these products do not come in contact with the hair extensions.
Never go to bed with wet hair extensions.
Always brush and detangle hair before shampooing.
Distribute shampoo evenly, starting at the top of the head.
Gently shampoo hair from root to ends using gentle downward strokes.
Shampoo under the attachments to remove sweat.
Do not over shampoo hair extensions.
Never rub, scrub, or bunch hair while washing.

Distribute conditioner generously, using downward strokes mid-shaft to ends. Always keep conditioner away from attachments.
Run fingers through or gently comb through to distribute conditioner evenly.
Leave on 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Use a soft towel to absorb the excess water and blot firmly, never rub.

Never pull or tug when combing, apply product to easily comb through hair.
To avoid tension at the root, always support hair extension attachment when brushing.
Hold hand firmly on the scalp while combing and detangling hair.
Always blow dry attachments thoroughly. Separate hair extensions while blow drying to insure attachments are 100% dry on both sides.
Always blow dry hair downward in the direction hair grows.
Curling or flat irons and heat rollers may be used at moderate heat levels (400 degrees or less) when hair is thoroughly dry
Apply protective product from mid-shaft to ends before activity.
Loosely braid hair and secure with cloth band. Do not tie hair into a bun.
Avoid soaking hair extensions in water for long periods of time as salt or chlorine damage can occur.
Shampoo & condition as soon as possible to remove salt, chlorine and/or sweat, oils from the hair and between the attachments.
Use a soft towel to absorb the excess water and blot firmly, never rub.
Use a wide-tooth comb and conditioner to detangle.