Boise Hair Salon – Hair Color Correction

  Given the over-simplified process that is presented through marketing for home hair color, it is no surprise that many consumers are shocked by the costs of professional salon services, especially hair color correction.  Marketing for home hair color is designed to make the process look simple so that consumers will buy and use those products. Salon professionals don’t discourage use of box color simply because they want to drive more salon business for themselves. We discourage it’s use because we have seen so many hair disasters created by these harsh products.  Disasters that create an emotional toll on the person affected as well as  a big dent in their wallet to fix it. 

In order to make home hair color simple, effective, and universal, (meaning that it will work and stay on every hair type) it is formulated as a one-size-fits all approach, strong enough to penetrate the most resistant of hair. The strength of home hair color is over-kill on most hair.  Because these products were never designed to come out of the hair, if a consumer finds themselves with an undesirable result, correcting the situation is obviously not going to be as simple as if it were done correctly in the first place.  Add to most scenarios several more applications of home hair color at an attempt at home color correction, and the situation gets even worse. Often, following scenarios like this, we get requests for “platinum blonde”. At this point, especially if it’s a dark color that was applied, removing that color and getting your hair to the lightest level without severely damaging your hair, unfortunately, can not be guaranteed. 

If you proceed with hair color correction, it’s important to have reasonable expectations of the time and cost involved. At Tease, we break down the process into steps and write down the cost for each so that there are no miscommunications. We have an intake form where you will give us a detailed history of your hair color applications. Based on that information, we make recommendations and discuss any risks associated with your goals. If your goal is to go from dark to light all in one day (or as light as possible) it’s going to take many hours. Because dark hair has more pigment that needs to be removed, it must be lightened in stages. This is because the lightening product that is placed on the hair is active for a certain window of time before it runs out of energy and stops working.  Once it stops working, the hair needs to be washed and dried, and then the lightener must be reapplied so it can continue lifting the pigment out of your hair. This rinse-and-repeat process takes time, each step has a cost, and each process contributes to the chemical and physical changes of your hair.  

Tease hair stylists will use professional analysis and judgment to determine what we can and can not safely do to your hair. (Included in this analysis is your budget.) Honesty from the client regarding their hair history is of the utmost importance in this analysis.  Whether you want to go platinum, or just have a normal looking hair color, you are in good hands at Tease!  Put your trust in our education and experience.