Salon Eyelash Extension Service. Why is it better?

Salons in Boise and the surrounding area have seen a huge growth in requests for eyelash extensions.  With increasing demand for this service, most salons strive to offer the safest set of lashes that will ensure the well being of the client over the long term. However, in Idaho, placement of eyelash extensions is currently an unregulated service.  This means that someone with no training, licensure, or insurance can open up shop inside their home and provide this service. In our salon, we find ourselves at constant odds with the consequences of uneducated, unlicensed lash techs and the damage and misinformation that they do to the consumer. After these consumers visit our salon and compare our advice to what they have previously heard, they are left to wonder not only how to get their money’s worth out of their eyelash extension service, but also a safe service and good overall advice about the health and well being of their eyes and eyelashes. Until Idaho law changes, consumers can ensure that these factors are met by getting their eyelash extension service done inside a licensed facility, such as a salon, and investigating the training of the eyelash extension technician.  Among many things, good eyelash extension training will include safe length and weight of the eyelash extension versus natural eyelash and aftercare instructions.
A good eyelash extension technician will take the time to provide education to the client about how to ensure the well being of both their natural eyelashes and their eyes over the long term.  Client education should include proper aftercare of the eyelash extensions.  At Tease Hair and Lash Studio, we have seen many clients in our salon that have been told to never get their lashes wet, when in fact, after the first 24 hours, you should be washing your lashes every day with an oil free cleanser.  This must be done to ensure that skin oils, skin cells, eye secretions, environmental dust, and makeup are removed from the eyelash line.  If this cleansing is not done on a daily basis, the eyelash area will become itchy.  Chronic unclean eyelash lines also leads to a condition called Blepharitis which is redness and irritation of the eyes and eyelids.  This condition will lead to loss of the natural eyelashes, eye infections, clogged, painful eyelash follicles, and increased risk of infestation of eyelash mites. (Yes, eyelash mites are a real thing!)  Proper sanitation of instruments and the service area is also a reason to go to a licensed salon for eyelash extensions.  When a consumer goes to an unlicensed establishment, it is not subject to inspection by the Board of Cosmetology which holds salons to a high level of sanitation. Combine this with a provider who might not be trained in sanitation and you can see how much of a risk you are taking with your eyes!
A good eyelash extension technician also educates clients on a safe ratio of eyelash extension length and weight to the natural eyelashes.  This is not a one-size-fits all evaluation. There is a large variance of lashes among the population.  This means that the same type of extensions that were placed onto your friend’s eyelashes might not be appropriate for placement onto your eyelashes. Your consultation and evaluation is made based on the strength, length, and texture of your natural eyelashes.  The natural eyelashes can not safely hold excessive weight without causing damage. At Tease Hair and Lash Studio, we have decided not to carry eyelash extensions that exceed .15 in diameter and 13mm in length.  Even on the strongest of natural eyelashes, we have found that eyelash extensions longer and heavier than this will eventually twist and/or sag into the client’s field of vision as the natural eyelashes grow. Over time, too much weight on the natural eyelashes will cause Traction Alopecia which is total loss of the natural lashes.  Even though we carry up to 13mm in length, these extensions will not be appropriate for someone with weak, short natural eyelashes.  If you have short, weak eyelashes, but want longer lashes, we can use finer “volume” lashes to help you get you closer to the look you want. However, in the end, it might not be what you ultimately envisioned and wanted.
At Tease Hair and Lash Studio, our training comes from the Institute of Eyelash Excellence.  In accordance with our training, we strive to give clients the safest application of eyelash extensions and best advice that we can.  Sometimes, we have to break bad news to clients when we have to inform them that the super long, thick lashes that they desire will not be in their best interest. In an unregulated state, rampant with untrained, unlicensed, and uninsured technicians, this news can come with great resistance and loss of business.  However as members of WALAD- World Association of Lash Artistry and Development, we strive to maintain the integrity of the eyelash extension industry.  We do this through continuing education for both ourselves and our clients and insist on safe application of eyelash extensions to those that we serve.  This means that we might not be the salon of everyone’s choice, but we are a great choice for those that care about the health and well being of their eyes and natural eyelashes.