Balayage Hair Color Offers Low Maintenance Option for Clients

Do you want to do something different to your hairstyle, but need some good ideas?  Do you want your hair color to be vibrant and fun, but don’t want to be stuck in a salon chair for hours every month? For those Boise babes out there that want a low maintenance way to add dimension and color in their hair, Balayage might be the answer you are seeking.  Unlike foil highlights, Balayage highlights are painted on the hair in a natural, sun-kissed pattern.  The finished product leaves you with beautiful, sweeping highlights that are more concentrated at the ends of the hair rather than the roots.  As your hair grows, the Balayage highlights will not have a harsh line of demarcation.  This means that you can go several months in between touch-ups without looking shabby.   What if you have been a traditional foil highlight client and you want to try Balayage?  Not to worry, the stylists at Tease Hair and Lash Studio know how to help you make that transition.
The best way to communicate with your stylist about the Balayage you want is to find a picture that you like. Based on the picture, a Tease Hair and Lash Studio stylist can design the Balayage hair color placement around the shape of your haircut.  Balayage can also be used on curly or wavy hair making it a great option for many clients. You can mix everything from fantasy colors to natural colors. For a natural look, a good rule of thumb is to keep the highlight about 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color.  For those that need a boost, but are afraid of making big changes, a shimmer Balayage can give you a subtle change.  It involves very fine sections of hair that are highlighted.  This breaks up the monotone look of an all over color and adds a perfect amount of freshness to the hair.  Melt your blonde into platinum, your brown into a creamy caramel, or your black into silver. For fantasy colors, how about a dark maroon that melts into a vibrant red? You can even have your brown melt down into a strawberry pink or the super popular rose gold color.  What if you want to try a fantasy hair color, but don’t want to make a long-term commitment? We can use a demi-permanent fantasy color that washes away after a few weeks and leaves you with blonde highlights!  The color combinations for Balayage are endless! Find a picture that inspires you and give us a call today!