Skin Treatments

Whether you want to maintain your youthful glow, or make clinical changes to your skin, Tease has a treatment for you! By taking advantage of advances in skin care, you can prevent many problems that lead people to seek invasive treatments.  Tease teaches clients how to tap into the skin’s amazing ability to heal and regenerate itself through home care, protection, and periodic professional treatments.



Chemical Peels

Brighten offers both micro-peeling and standard peeling options. Along with professional home care and skin protection, these treatments are the key to anti-aging. Peels can not only help clear up undesirable skin conditions and an excessive build up of dead skin cells, but can also tighten and brighten!  Use the book button to set up a free consultation and Brighten can assess your skin and discuss your options and goals in person. (Brighten is certified in advance chemical peels through Lira Clinical.)

Lira Clinical Signature Peels 

Customized Peel Cocktail (conditioned skin only)

Lira Clinical Standard Peels 

 Glycolic, Salicylic, or Lactic Acid



Pumpkin Enzyme

Facials and Body treatments 

Each Brighten facial includes a relaxing neck and upper body massage, stimulating facial massage, extractions, if needed, and Lira Clinical products. Your facial will be customized for you after a health history and skin assessment has been performed. Treating a wide range of concerns, including acne, age spots, and dryness, a facial or body treatment (or series of treatments) can help you meet your skin care goals and/or help you relax! (First time clients, please add consultation to your appointment.) 

Happy Face Facial 

A European facial customized with products just right for your skin.  It’s the best way to maintain your happy skin and relax.

Blemish Control Facial 

Deep cleanses and reduces oil production with salicylic acid.  Controls blemishes with extractions and spot treatments.

Skin Brightening Facial

Fortifies skin against the signs of aging with antioxidants and enzymes. Stimulating massage, steam, and chilled compresses make it a “workout” for your skin.

Triple Enzyme Facial 

Brightens and balances uneven skin tones with a pigment-reducing enzyme mask and a blend of lightening nutrients.

Clarifying Body Treatment 

Targeted treatment for skin problems on the body and a rub down that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.



Stimulate collagen and elastin growth within the skin to achieve a tightening effect. You will be slightly red after the treatment. Best results require 5 to 6 treatments. Buy 5 and the 6th treatment is free.

 Derma planing removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Derma planing (blading) is another non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation. 


 Waxing is the effective removal of large amounts of hair at one time with longer lasting results than shaving. Areas that are consistently waxed over a long period of time exhibit diminished hair regrowth that is softer and lighter than the original hair It is also less expensive per treatment than laser hair removal or electrolysis.


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Who We Are 

The mission of Tease Hair & Lash Studio is to help clients take advantage of esthetician-delivered anti-aging treatments and enhancement services to help them reach their esthetic goals and be their brightest self. Utilizing the superior ingredients available in the Lira Clinical professional skin care line and receiving periodic professional treatments enables clients to achieve clinical changes in the skin. Minimally invasive treatments such as miconeedling and dermaplaning have no down time, but significantly aid in exercising the skin in the anti-aging effort. Maintaining a youthful appearance and glow, or achieving dramatic reversal of unwanted skin conditions is as simple as dedicating yourself to a treatment plan. Tease educates clients on the function of the skin, explains the mechanism of skin rejuvenation that occurs with each different treatment, and develops individualized treatment plans designed to address specific client concerns. In addition to professional skin treatments, Tease offers numerous enhancements services, such as semi-permanent eyelash extensions and sunless tans that can provide a stunning daily look, with minimal daily effort. Whether your goal is to slow down the appearance of aging, minimize the appearance of skin damage, clear up skin conditions such as acne, or simply look your best and brightest for a special occasion, Tease has the treatment for you!