Boise Hair Salon – Hair Extensions – Brand and Placement Matter!

Many ladies turn to hair extensions from Boise hair salons for various reasons.  No matter what the reason, hair extensions add length and density to the hair.  This sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  If the hair extensions are a high quality product and are applied properly, then yes, the end result is pretty spectacular.  With so many Boise hair salons applying hair extensions, how it is possible to know who will do the best job?

Finding a Boise hair salon that does great hair extensions starts with looking at their online profile.  Does the Boise hair salon have before and after photos of hair extensions?  How are the hair salon’s reviews?  Does their website have details about hair extensions as well as aftercare instructions for hair extensions?  What brand of hair extensions does the Boise hair salon use?  What training is provided for the salon’s staff?

If you are satisfied with the online profile and reviews, the next step is to research the brand of hair extensions that the Boise hair salon states that they use.  There are many great brands available.  On the flip side, there are also many poor quality products.  If the Boise Hair Salon simply states that they carry 100% human hair, then that is not enough detail. Human hair extensions come in many different textures.  In addition, human hair extensions that have been dipped into silicone (which is often done by companies who provide cheap hair extensions) looks very frizzy after a few washes.   On top of the hair quality of the extension, the attachment of the extension is something to look at as well.  The best quality hair extension will have stitching in the attachment.  If there is no stitching on the hair extension, then you can count on considerable shedding of the extension (which means a shorter life span) as well as extreme difficulty removing that extension from the hair.  Multiply the difficult removal times the hourly rate of the stylist, and the money you saved on the cheap extensions will be spent on the hair extension maintenance.  Invest in a good quality hair extension product.  It pays off in the long run.

In addition to making sure that you are getting a high quality hair extension product at your Boise hair salon, be sure that the stylist is trained on application.  It’s very easy to apply hair extensions. However, it is not without proper training that a stylist will be able to analyze your hair to know where those hair extensions can be placed without being seen.  This is when hair extensions are not so beautiful – when you can see the attachments scattered throughout the hair.  Other placement considerations are taking strategic sectioning in order to have the hair extensions stay as close to the curvature of the head as possible as the natural hair grows.  All of these small details add up to less maintenance.  Less hair extension maintenance means less money out of your pocket and less time sitting in the chair at your favorite Boise hair salon.  

Whatever the reason for hair extensions, one thing is for sure – hair extensions are an investment!  Quality hair extension products can last a long time with proper care and maintenance.  Finding a good Boise hair salon with a trained stylist can ensure that you get the most for your investment and glamorous journey into hair extensions!