Boise Hair Salon: Spray Tan Client Education

At Tease Hair and Lash Studio we strive to make our clients happy with their spray tans.  Part of that process is client education.  Without a good understanding of what causes a spray tan to develop, as well as what causes it to fade away, clients are not sure how to get their monies worth.  

Spray tans are not simply a coating of a solution applied over the skin that instantly turns you bronze. If that were the case, you would not have to wear your spray tan for 12-24 hours for it to develop. Therefore, it is important for clients to understand that, even though you instantly look bronzed when you walk out of your spray tan appointment, what you are seeing is makeup.  The makeup is not the ingredient produces your tan. The ingredient that produces your tan is actually colorless and is called DHA.  

Some clients want to know how long a spray tan will last and assume that it has something to do with the product.  This is an easy assumption to make without an understanding of the main spray tan ingredient (DHA) and how it interacts within the skin.  DHA creates a tan through a chemical process that takes place within the very top layers of the epidermis. The top levels of the epidermis are constantly shedding away as new skin cells are being produced.  In younger people, the skin turns over rapidly, and in older people, the skin renewal process slows down. Therefore, a person’s age is a contributing factor to spray tan longevity.  Younger people will notice their spray tans starting to break up after 3-5 days of strong color, where older clients may be able to get two weeks of solid color.  Of course, shaving, exfoliation, and chemicals will also effect spray tan longevity because of removal of the outermost layers of the skin where the spray tan resides. 

Another common question about spray tans is the final color result that will be achieved.  This is where product formulation does come into play.  The chemistry involved in creating a spray tan product that has all the attributes desired is not an easy task.  There are many companies out there that do not have a good formulation.  The result could be an orange or red tone, a strong DHA smell which is very unpleasant, or a super sticky formula that rubs off onto everything and is difficult to leave on for the required time.  At our salon, we offer formulations that are top-of-line and produce beautiful results with no harsh odors.  

Spray tans are a healthy alternative to UV tans.  UV tans damage the melanocytes within the skin, as well as break down collagen and elastin.  Clients come to salons for beauty and anti-aging treatments, not to age prematurely.  If you need a little boost, come get a worry-free spray tan at Tease Hair and Lash Studio!